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Wool Waste/Noils

Wool Waste is basically Recycled Wool which is manufactured from Wool fiber that comes from various Wool leftovers. The inherent resilience along with durability and high quality make Wool a valuable raw material. Recycling is an ideal environmental option for Wool leftovers.

Wool Waste is obtained when the Wool is processed in a Carding Machine and the small fiber drops in the basin of the machine. In China, all kinds of Fine Wool is used and the droppings of the Fine Wool in the manufacturing process is cleaned by an air blower. This Wool Waste is known as Wool Noils. These Wool Noils are blended with Wool which brings down the cost of the yarn.

This Wool Waste is exported and India is a major market for this kind of Wool Waste. We help buyers to import these Wool Noils and manufacture cheap yarn which are used in low quality carpets.

We facilitate the import of Wool Waste/Wool Noils from China and if it is available anywhere else, we can Import from that place as well. Currently, this Wool Waste is being supplied to Indian Spinners in Bikaner, Bhadohi and Panipat.

Since, we are established Importers and Selling Agents of Wool Waste, we are driven by a relentless chase to perfection to be able to deal with and serve as reliable Indenting Agents of Wool Waste/Wool Noils.