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Mutilated Acrylic Waste

Acrylic fibre waste is generated in different stages of fiber production in the form of acrylic soft waste, acrylic tangled waste, acrylic off grade soft and hard waste etc. Acrylic Waste is the same as Textile Waste but consists of Acrylic( Acrylic Sweaters, Yarn etc.).

This Waste finds it’s market in Asian countries, where it is subjected to manual separation and production of yarn either in the actual form or blending with other fibers. Acrylic Waste also finds application in manufacturing of acrylic base adhesives and paints.

We import Acrylic Waste from developed nations like UK, Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Amsterdam, Norway, Sweden & Belgium), Tunisia, Korea and Dubai. Acrylic Waste Warehouses, Garment and Spinning Factories are situated in Panipat, India.

We always take a personalized, hands-on approach to ensure that the Mutilated Acrylic Waste we source is the best our customers can get. We work in a quick and efficient manner and facilitate sales of quality products which are available at reasonable prices. We help Overseas Exporters sell their Acrylic Waste in India by providing the right set of buyers for our principal suppliers which ensures smooth business dealings.