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Mutilated Rags

These materials constitute of clothes which are left over when used clothes are sorted and used for recycling purpose. This material is popularly known as Rags. This comprises normally of wool, acrylic and cotton clothes, which are converted into yarn which is used for manufacturing of all types of blankets and fabrics.

We Import and source Rags from developed nations like UK, Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Amsterdam, Norway, Sweden & Belgium), Tunisia, Korea and Dubai. Mutilated Rags Warehouses, Garment and Spinning Factories are situated in Panipat, India.

We have been in the business of Mutilated Rags for years now. The reason behind our success is the quality and service we provide on a consistent basis. Our strength lies in our understanding of the market and catering to our clientele’s specific needs, whether it is Exporters, acting as our Principal Suppliers or our esteemed Buyers.