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A Retail Store

All the Suitings and Shirtings Fabrics we distribute, are being sold in Retail to customers at Wholesale bulk prices which is beneficial to the customers. A retail store has been set up to market all the Brands of our portfolio, where the latest designs and colours are showcased and customers can choose merchandise of their own interest and buy them at very reasonable rates.

Dalmia’s are renowned in the textile industry. We are recognized as leaders of Men’s Suitings and Shirtings for years now.

Tatvam is the perfect destination for Men’s Style. We have the finest Suitings and Shirtings available out there. Tatvam also offers Customized Fitted Tailoring for Men, keeping in mind, that Customized doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, Tatvam provides myriad options and styles. Our sales staff is happy to help and offer sound style advice, plus you can feel materials and browse fabrics at a glance.

The provenance of our Suitings and Shirtings is of utmost importance to us. Which is why, the Suitings and Shirtings at Tatvam are from renowned brands such as Raymond, Reid & Taylor, Monti, Burgoyne, Cadini, Moretti, Reda, Scabal, Arvind etc. This ensures that our customers get the perfect quality products for reasonable prices.

The word Tatvam is comprised of two Sanskrit words, ‘Tat’ (meaning that) and ‘Tvam’ (meaning thou). The essence of Tatvam refers to the real being of anything and Tatvam defines the excellence in the quality of that thing.

Our brand “Tatvam” exemplifies Premium Quality, Style and Authenticity. Visit us for unmistakable style and dependable quality backed by deep tradition.


Store Address:

9-11, Dharam Park, Sushilpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019