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Carpet Grade Raw Wool

Wool remains the most popular fiber used for the construction of carpets and rugs. It is a natural fiber which can be dyed to achieve beautiful looks. Wool has many natural benefits and is extremely durable and strong.

Wool Carpets are natural, soft and warm while providing a unique structure which looks better and lasts longer. Since, Wool is a natural fiber, it has low toxins and minimises odour. It also absorbs moisture and regulates humidity in cool and warm climates and is Environment Friendly. Apart from aesthetic appeal, wool is a stain resistor that repels most liquids, which leads to easy cleaning.

The Carpet Grade Raw Wool we help in sourcing is of the highest quality, available in the market. This wool is used in creating Woollen Carpets, Knotted Wool Carpets, Tufted Wool Carpets, Persian Carpets, Area & Woollen Rugs and more.

The Carpet Grade Raw Wool we source is from 25 Micron to 40 Microns. We import the best quality wool from New Zealand, United Kingdom, China, Argentina, Brazil, European countries like Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Middle East Countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and many other countries.

Carpet Grade Raw Wool Warehouses and Spinning Industries are situated in Bikaner, Beawer, Panipat and Bhadohi. Some Spinning Mills are in Gujarat as well, with headquarters at Mumbai.

We are committed to offer the best Carpet Grade Raw Wool at the best prices in the industry. Keeping in mind our knowledge, experience and expertise, we can be trusted to provide you with the finest quality Carpet Grade Raw Wool. Exporters also treat us as their first choice, as we have been in the business of serious Indenting for 30 years now. We are the first recommendation of Exporters who have already dealt through us, because they have had the experience of smooth and transparent transactions at the best possible prices.