Dalmia Group At A Glance

Dalmia Agencies is a leading Indenting Agency based in India dealing in Indenting and Trade of Raw Wool, Textile Recycling/Waste and Men’s Fabrics. The Group represents 25+ Suppliers and over 100 Buyers across several nations of key trade importance. Since it’s inception, our group has ensured 100% transparency between all parties and works on the basis of mutual trust and respect. We are one of the first choice of Exporters when they look to sell in India, as we have a good reputation and have earned our position as a trustworthy name. Exporters have shown their faith in us by entrusting us with their business dealings in the Indian market for the past 30 years now. Buyers are also happy to associate with us as they are assured of high-quality products and hassle-free services.

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Raw Wool

International Trade/Agencies

India is a large market for Wool and the demand finds itself growing. Various qualities of Wool is imported to India. Woollen products are manufactured to different specifications that cater to low, middle and high-end consumers. The organized Woollen Textiles and clothing sector includes composite mills, combing units, worsted and non-worsted spinning units, knitwear/apparel units, and machine-made carpet manufacturers. The unorganized segment constitutes small to medium manufacturers that focus on hosiery/knitwear, hand-made carpets, and woollen handloom fabrics.

Our Agency imports and sources the best quality Wool from New Zealand, United Kingdom, China, Argentina, Brazil, European countries like Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Middle East Countries, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and many other countries.

We supply this Wool in the Indian market for Carpet and Felted Yarn Spinners.

Textile Recycling/Waste

International Trade/Agencies

India is a huge market for Textile Recycling/Waste. India is the top Importer of used clothes, beating countries such as Russia and Pakistan, according to recent data. All kinds of materials such as Synthetic, Acrylic, Cotton, Denim, Wool etc. are Recycled here. These Recycled materials are converted to produce yarn to manufacture low-cost items like wipers, cotton durries, polyester blankets etc. In India, used clothes can be Imported under two different categories – one is Mutilated and the other is Wearable. Importers of Wearable clothes require a license whereas Importers of Mutilated clothes do not require a license.

We Import and represent Exporters of Textile Waste from developed nations like UK, Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Amsterdam, Norway, Sweden & Belgium), Tunisia, Korea and Dubai. Textile Recycling/Waste Warehouses, Garment and Spinning Factories are situated in Panipat, India.

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Men’s Fabrics

Distribution and Retail

Our Agency brings together Exporters and Buyers of Premium Men’s Fabrics across the globe. We deal in the Distribution, Retailing and Wholesale of Men’s Suitings and Shirtings. We are a trusted name in sourcing high quality Men’s Fabrics. The Agency has constantly kept up with changing trends and brought first grade Men’s Fabrics at great prices.

We are preferred Distribution partners for renowned brands like Raymond, Tessitura Monti (India) Pvt.Ltd (A subsidiary of Tessitura Monti Spa, Italy), Club Burgyone (A Subsidiary of WFB Baird & Company, Ireland), Donear Industries, Siyaram Mills, Century Textiles and Industries Ltd., Eurico, Cadini, Moretti etc.

We are servicing more than 500+ Retailers across several states in India. In addition, we have a Retail Store ‘Tatvam’ where we offer Premium Men’s Fabrics with Customized Tailoring at reasonable prices.

Our aim is to help Exporters/Suppliers sell their Wool, Textile Waste and Men’s Fabrics in the Indian market in a transparent and hassle free manner. And, to service Buyers by providing high quality products at the best possible prices. Allowing us to represent you, means you gain advantage of our extensive knowledge and deep network and transparent transactions, as we are committed to a long lasting partnership aimed at achieving your long term goals.