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Scoured Raw Wool

Wool straight off a sheep, contains a high level of valuable lanolin, as well as dirt, dead skin, sweat residue, pesticides, and vegetable matter.

Before the Wool can be used for commercial purposes, it must be scoured which is a process of cleaning the Wool.

The Wool is washed and cleaned in hot water and chemicals, after which it attains beautiful colours and is ready to use for Spinning.

We are leading Importers and Selling Agents of Scoured Raw Wool. We import the best quality Wool from New Zealand, United Kingdom, China, Argentina, Brazil, European countries like Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Middle East Countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and many other countries.

Scoured Raw Wool Warehouses and Spinning Industries are situated in Bikaner, Beawer, Panipat and Bhadohi. Some Spinning Mills are in Gujarat as well, with headquarters at Mumbai. We supply this Wool in the Indian market for Carpet and Felted Yarn Spinners.

We have been setting the highest quality standards for Scoured Raw Wool in the Domestic and International Market. We can provide or sell all kinds of Wool for you, right from fine merino for clothing to coarse wool for carpets. Our highly qualified and experienced team, set us apart as a Scoured Raw Wool Service Provider.