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Mutilated Textile Waste

Nowadays, the Textile Industry is not restricted to just producing garments. It also produces rags for various purposes. Textile Waste can be classified as either pre-consumer or post-consumer Textile Waste. Pre-consumer Textile Waste are the leftovers or by-products from textile, fiber or cotton industries. Post-consumer Textile Waste is the waste of fleece, flannel, corduroy, cotton, nylon, denim, wool, and linen, which have already passed through the consumer market and are recycled and re-constituted into a product for the consumer market once again.

A+ rags are exported to African countries where refurbished clothes are sold to people at a low price. The leftovers, stained material and clothes are cut so that they cannot be used as clothing and are exported to India for Recycling. Spinners produce yarn after Recycling these clothes and manufacture cheap items like Wipers, Cotton Durries, Polyester Blankets etc.

We import and source Textile Waste from developed nations like UK, Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Amsterdam, Norway, Sweden & Belgium), Tunisia, Korea and Dubai. Textile Waste Warehouses, Garment and Spinning Factories are situated in Panipat, India.

Over the years, we have been recognized as experts in sourcing Mutilated Textile Waste. We work as a coordinated unit and our qualified team has experience, expertise and engagement at all levels, to help Exporters and Buyers with all their business dealings in the Indian market.